This is a first for me, writing a blog about something that has happened and affects me personally. There are times when it’s not about money but about principal and that is what this is about and that’s where CCBill comes in.

Usually I receive a cheque, (check for those in the USA) every month but over the past few months I had received nothing so I queried this with CCBill who told me that a cheque had been sent over a month ago and must have been lost in the post. Fine, these things happen. I asked if given the circumstances for the cheque to be reissued. Yes another cheque could be sent but I would have to pay $30 for the missing cheque to be stopped. Excuse me! Why should I be charged for something that is not my fault. CCBill’s answer was that it is a charged levied by their bank, nothing to do with them and how are they to know that I haven’t received the payment and mislaid it. My answer to that was, how do I know CCBill actually sent the cheque, perhaps it wasn’t sent, perhaps it’s on someone’s desk or in the trash can.

CCBill won’t budge on this, they won’t reissue the cheque without me paying to have the missing cheque stopped, then they will add the value of the cheque back onto my account balance minus the thirty dollars.

You may not think $30 is much but when I deposit a US$ to my bank in the UK the commission the bank takes is huge plus there is an additional charge for processing a US$ cheque and a currency conversion charge.

I would have thought that a huge company like CCBill would have taken the hit for such a charge to keep a customer happy but that sadly is not the case. I won’t starve or become homeless for want of $30 as I previously mentioned it’s not about money it’s about principal.

My conclusion to this is that CCBill are rip off merchants and not to be trusted.


Mistress Veronica