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FemmeFataleFilms Free Galleries   Leather Boot Lover – Super HD – 17th Jan, 2019 http://www.femmefatalefilms.com/affiliate/promo/f91d5b/1/1224/2524482/ Lick It, Suck It, Fuck It! – Super HD – 15th Jan, 2019 http://www.femmefatalefilms.com/affiliate/promo/8c79f5/1/1223/2524482/ Cum & Be Cropped – Super HD – 13th Jan, 2019 http://www.femmefatalefilms.com/affiliate/promo/b51e52/1/1222/2524482/ Lazy Scumbag – Super HD – 10th Jan, 2019 http://www.femmefatalefilms.com/affiliate/promo/61c14b/1/1221/2524482/ Boots Made For TramplingContinue reading FemmeFataleFilms Free Galleries

Giant Strap on Fuck

Giant Strap on Fuck Featuring Lady Nina Birch Lady Nina Birch forces her hooded slave to suck and deep throat her giant strap on. The slave is then placed legs apart in a hoisted cradle, raised in the air and given a long hard deep pegging.

Leather Worship Sex

Leather Worship Sex Featuring Mistress Sidonia Leather clad Mistress Sidonia von Bork of The English Mansion torments her naked gimp slave by whipping him with a crop before squeezing his cock and balls and making him lick her pussy to orgasm.      

Sado Ladies

Are you looking for real and classic femdom movies? No porn. No naked women but dominant, high class ladies? Stop searching, you’ve found what you are looking for. Welcome to SADO-LADIES.com, the #1 website in classic femdom!

Inverted Rope Bondage

Inverted Rope Bondage Featuring Mistress Sidonia of The English Mansion: Mistress Sidonia hangs her slave upside down like a pheasant that’s being cured. The poor suffering slave is also restrained, his cock and balls tightly tied and his arse plugged with an electro torture device. A shocking experience.

Nikki’s Toy Boy

Nikki’s Toy Boy Snow gives her best friend Nikki Rouge the keys to her place for the summer, along with the use of her new houseboy, Mike. Naturally, he disappoints his new mistress for a variety of reasons, and of course, is promptly punished, in a variety of ways. Dressed in a perfect, 1950’s styleContinue reading Nikki’s Toy Boy

Stress Toy

Stress Toy Featuring Mistress Suki. Sweaty, wet, stinky feet need to be cleaned and refreshed and when you have a slave tied to a bed, there’s no better way to do that than to thrust them deep into his mouth! Lying there helpless, he also serves as a good stress toy, to alleviate the pentContinue reading Stress Toy

Mean Cock

Mistress Samantha’s Corrective Measures Part 1 Mean Cock Featuring Mistress Athena. Mistress Athena wears a mean cock and she knows how to use it! After some deep throat instruction, she fingers his ass with her latex gloved hands, then thrusts the big strap-on cock as deep as she can get it inside him, pile drivingContinue reading Mean Cock

Mistress Samantha’s Gym Session

This is Part 8 of an epic-length film of 40 minutes! Here Mistress Samantha puts four slaves and sissies through a rigorous workout in the gym assisted by the dressage whip and strap. Mistress Samantha’s new correctional establishment for errant males. Starring Sam Johnson as Mistress Samantha. Mistress Samantha tells us the story of howContinue reading Mistress Samantha’s Gym Session