It Just Isn’t Fair

Allen was back before the Headmistress. He’s been severely punished at the start of the day and it was hoped that beating would make him reflect on his errant ways, help him buckle down and make progress. Now he was nervous. He hadn’t thought his earlier punishment was fair because he wasn’t to blame, but Miss stood before him now, at the end of the day, to tell him she had received feedback from his teachers and it wasn’t good. Again he protested that he was being pick on and that his 7/10 on one test wasn’t that bad. Miss disagreed and it wasn’t just the marks. In fact she would give him some more marks of her own! Still protesting, he is forced to drop his pants, his shiny red bottom already sore from before. Now bent over the desk, Miss brings out the senior cane and lashes his sore bottom until he can take no more, the blood and welts oozing out. This is one lesson Miss excels at!