Pitiful Pascale Punished

Pascale is hauled before the deputy Headmistress to answer for the various school rules and regulations he has flouted. His standards have dropped and so will his trousers! The Deputy doesn’t hang around and, in true school tradition, has Pascale over her knee for a thorough relentless otk hand spanking where she barely takes air… and that is just for lateness! Over a 100 later she moves on to absences and that, in her opinion, deserves a harsh tawsing and strapping. Up next is bad behaviour and for that comes the paddle. His cheeks are now red and bruised, but she isn’t going to stop there. Next is the plimsoll followed by another dose of the paddle. Is she over-reacting? She doesn’t care and is thoroughly enjoying herself. The poor boy has taken everything thrown at him, yet she can’t resist another harsh strapping. The boy won’t be able to sit for a week!