Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Featuring Miss Hastings

Turner is once again in front of the Headmistress and he knew very well why he was there. Miss Hastings was flabbergasted. She was tired of handing out lectures to unruly pupils and in Turner’s case words were clearly insufficient. There was no point; only action would suffice. Before he knew it, he was over her desk for a severe caning. Believing his punishment was finally over there as a surprise in store waiting for him… he was to go in front of the class to receive the ultimate humiliation… a caning in front of his class! Now there, Miss explains to the class what happens when someone really pushes their luck. Turner is made to bend over the horse, trousers down, for a walloping. She really laid into him and when finished he is made to stand in front of the wall before she starts on part two with another bout of the cane…

Schoolboy Caning