Graffiti Gaff

Some disturbing graffiti had been found in the school toilets and miss was determined to find the culprit. Having gone and inspected it herself, she now had a good idea who this miscreant was. The style of writing was a dead giveaway. Riviera was told to see Miss in his lunch break. Stood before her, he denied her assertion that he had anything to do with it. Searching through all the desks Miss could find no evidence, not even in Riviera’s desk. Sensing his chance and from nowhere he produced the can of paint and hurriedly threw it in his desk. Miss caught him through the corner of her eye and immediately rushed back to his desk to find the offending can. He was caught! And he would be severely punished, not only for the misdeed, but for lying about it too. Spanked and strapped, it was a punishment he will remember for a long time to come.