One of the latest Fem Dom sessions on film, captures a most enjoyable scene where Goddess Heather Divine effectively extracts the semen from one of her personal slaves, without him benefitting from an orgasm This is commonly described as a ruined orgasm. The purpose of the extraction was not to give the slave any pleasure, rather to ensure the depletion of his sex drive and thereby keep him malleable and essentially weak.

It has also become apparent that the further pushing slaves into the realms of the pain and pleasure principle the more the two become entwined. Before long, one cannot be experienced without the other. To know that they are willing to surrender their complete control of body and mind is highly arousing and addictive, so these experiments will continue and get ever more extreme in their practice, with the footage being documented over the coming weeks and months for members benefit.

Shown above is just a few of the images from the aforementioned session