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Naughty Choir Boy Caned Tony Gets The Cane Parker is Birched A Graceful Strapping
Vincent’s Caning Sadistic Nurse Maintaining Discipline The Perverted Maths Teacher
Blonde Milf Gives a Hard Caning The Office Pest Punished The Birthday Boy’s Caning  Revenge is so very Sweet

Mistress Samantha caning the maths teacher femdom video

Please Mistress 20th March, 2022 Paddled Red Raw 20th March, 2022
Dirty Little Pervert 20th March, 2022 Don’t Wank in My Knickers 20th March, 2022
Pandora’s House Boy 20th March, 2022 You Asked For The Cane 20th March, 2022
Unearned Punishment 19th March, 2022 Bend For The Cane 19th March, 2022
Caned For His Infidelity 19th March, 2022 Punishing A Cheater 19th March, 2022
Couch Caning 17th March, 2022 Bend For The Cane 17th March, 2022
Sent To The Head Mistress 17th March, 2022 Schoolboy Peeper Punished 17th March, 2022
A Spanking For A Cheater 16th March, 2022 Tom Spanked OTK 16th March, 2022
Aftercare Spanking 16th March, 2022 Sent To The Dean 16th March, 2022
Pants Down Paddling 15th March, 2022 White Shirt, Red Bottom 15th March, 2022
A Spot of Bother 15th March, 2022 A Helping Hand 15th March, 2022
Punished For Watching Porn 14th March, 2022 Whipped With The Sjambok 14th March, 2022
The Stroppy Teenager 14th March, 2022 A Lady Punishes 14th March, 2022
Spanking The Banker 13th March, 2022 Improper Behaviour 13th March, 2022
Mike’s Secret  13th March, 2022 Bully Boy Feels The Cane 13th March, 2022
Authorised Correction 13th March, 2022 Are You Really Sorry 13th March, 2022
Implements Are Meant To Hurt 12th March, 2022 Mark Gregory’s Cold Caning  12th March, 2022
Queer Punk Spanking  12th March, 2022 Punishing The Dunce 12th March, 2022
Equipped To Punish Naughty Men 11th March, 2022 Inappropriate Artwork  11th March, 2022
Perverted Teacher Gets The Cane 11th March, 2022 Sadistic Nurse 11th March, 2022
Maintaining Discipline 10th March, 2022 Neglecting His Wife 10th March, 2022
Does Size Matter? 9th March, 2022 Candy or Cane 9th March, 2022
Schoolboy Brown Gets The Cane 9th March, 2022 The Russian Treatment 9th March, 2022
The Training Session 8th March, 2022 Communication Breakdown 6th March, 2022
The Intruder 7th March, 2022 Terry Gets His Big Bum Caned 7th March, 2022
A Spot of Bother 7th March, 2022 Turn That Music Down 7th March, 2022
Plumber’s Lot 6th March, 2022 Kevin’s Caning Punishment 6th March, 2022
A Spanked At School And Home 6th March, 2022 Richard’s Good Boy Spanking 6th March, 2022
Aversion Therapy – The  Senior Cane 5th March, 2022 Punished By The day Nurse 5th March, 2022
Defying Her 5th March, 2022 Yielding to Her Dominance 5th March, 2022
The Carpet Beater Stings 5th March, 2022 Frank Came To The Paddle And Cane 5th March, 2022
The Monster Paddle 5th March, 2022 A Very Fishy Punishment 5th March, 2022
I Want Bruises 4th March, 2022 Striped With The Dragon Cane 4th March, 2022
Paddled By Lola 3rd March, 2022 Poor Service 4th March, 2022
Unexpected Caning 3rd March, 2022 Painful Caning 3rd March, 2022
Spur of The Moment 3rd March, 2022 Punished By The Head Girl 3rd March, 2022
Drunk Husband Feels The Birch 2nd March, 2022 Pathetic Loser Caned 2nd March, 2022
Poor Service 1st March, 2022 What Have I done Now? 1st March, 2022
Beaten With The Tawse & Cane 1st March, 2022 The Hairbrush Stings His Bare Bottom 1st March, 2022
A Cold Caning For Paul 1st March, 2022 Perverted Landlord Gets The Cane 1st March, 2022
The Perverted Landlord 28th Feb 2022 Pain For The Porter 28th Feb, 2022
It’s The Cane For James 28th Feb 2022 Double Caning For Doctor Kodders 28th Feb, 2022
Senior Doctor’s Double Caning 27th Feb 2022 Caned in His Wife’s Clothes 27th Feb, 2022
James Gets Paddled and Strapped 27th Feb 2022 Junior Doctors Double Paddling 27th Feb, 2022
Fifty Shades of The Cane 25th Feb 2022 He Steals Ladies Dresses 26th Feb, 2022
Fifty Shades of Golf 26th Feb 2022 Sent For Punishment By His Wife 26th Feb, 2022
The Reckless Driver 25th Feb 2022 A High Price To Pay 25th Feb, 2022
The Wooden Clothes Brush 25th Feb 2022 Gambling Problems 25th Feb, 2022
Spanking The Banker 24th Feb 2022 Paddled For Watching Porn 24th Feb, 2022
Spanked For Watching Porn 24th Feb 2022 Cheating Husband Gets a Spanking 24th Feb 2022
Paddling The Banker 24th Feb 2022 Tom’s First Spanking 24th Feb 2022
David’s Cold Caning 24th Feb 2022 You Cheated on My Sister 24th Feb 2022
Bad Banker Gets The Cane 24th Feb 2022 Caned For Cheating on My Sister 24th Feb 2022
You Deserve The Cane 24th Feb 2022 Spanked For Wanking in His Wife’s Undies 24th Feb 2022
Paddled For Wearing His Wife’s Undies 24th Feb 2022 Parker’s Birthday Caning 24th Feb 2022
Revenge is Sweet 24th Feb 2022 The Office Pest’s Punishment 24th Feb 2022
The Office Pest’s Hard Caning 24th Feb 2022 Naughty Choirboy Get’s His Bum Caned 24th Feb 2022
Tony Gets a Severe Caning 24th Feb 2022 Parker Gets A Hard Birching 24th Feb 2022
Grace Takes Her Revenge 24th Feb 2022 Season’s Beatings 24th Feb 2022
The Problem With Gambling 24th Feb 2022 Who Stole The Cookies 24th Feb 2022