A Spankingly Good Birthday Present

Mr Black is at home enjoying a lazy day. It is his birthday today and, under normal circumstances, being caught doing nothing would incur his wife’s wrath and earn him some form of punishment. But today is different. Mrs Black arrives home looking rather sheepish. She asks him how his day has gone then admits she hasn’t bought him a present. After all, what to you get a man who has everything?

Asking what he would like, she was thinking a nice meal perhaps, he blurted out that he would actually enjoy an otk spanking, since that was what he would normally get for lounging around. This takes her by surprise! But is happy to oblige, as any dutiful housewife would. After discussing how he would like it, she starts out with a slow warm up, then pulls up a chair, gets comfortable, then spanks his bare bottom for what seems like hours. They both walk away thoroughly satisfied