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Leather Queening

Leather Queening

Lady Valente is wearing her most favourite and well worn soft leather trousers and decides to smother her leather loving slave, queening him, allowing him to caress, smell and kiss her perfect leather covered bottom as she sits firmly over his face. A truly overwhelming experience for any leather enthusiast!




Courtney’s Nylon Pet

Mistress Courtney, dressed in her classy, stunning lingerie, fully fashioned stockings and Loubs, has caught her slave looking through her underwear, so she decides to teach him a lesson, tying him to her bed and using nylon encasement to totally put him in bondage. She rubs her sharp red nails over the sheer material as she teases him, then using some cruel nipple clamps, weights and pulling tightly, the pinwheel adding more torment and the suction cups adding to the sensory overload, relieved by Mistress sitting on his face and controlling him. Mistress rips the nylons over his cock, exposing his hardness, which she ties up and subjects it to CBT, showing him his place before using the Doxy vibrator to empty his cum and leave him bound in his own mess to think about his actions.


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