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Power Change

Power Change – FemmeFataleFilms

The errant husband has the tables turned on him. Mistress Eleise and Miss Steel who torture a slave whipping his arse and clamping his nipples. The final degradation is subjecting his pathetic tiny little worthless cock to painful CBT.

Pushing Boundaries

This unfortunate slave has been sent to see Ms Nikki by his dissatisfied wife. His wife wants to use him as a stress relieving torment slut, but his tolerance thresholds are simply inadequate, so she has sent him to an expert at pushing such boundaries. Ms Nikki tests him a little on the cross, toying with his nipples, then his cock and balls. At first he copes well and barely makes a noise, but then as she cranks up the action, so does the volume of his cries. She finally tramples and ball busts him, primarily a psychological lesson for him to get to know his place beneath her feet.