Featuring Miss Austin

Miss Austin is relaxing on her living room sofa when she notices someone peering in at her window! This peeping Tom has definitely picked the wrong house to perv into! Feisty Miss Austin marches outside and drags the nosey neighbour by the ear into her house. He might be a big, strong man, but he is no match for this lady… no man is! She pulls him over her knee and thrashes him hard with her hand on his bare backside. Then she gives him a good, long hairbrushing to really teach him a lesson. He complains the whole way through and that makes Miss Austin all the more determined to have some fun with him. She goes and fetches a wooden spoon and hammers away at his behind with it whilst the Peeping Tom is on all fours, bent over the sofa front. Next is the dreaded strap. Angry Miss Austin instructs her naughty neighbour to lay face down on the sofa whilst she teases him with her leather two tailed tawse. He knows a nasty punishment is on it’s way! She raises her hand and the strap way above her head and matter of factly brings the strap down on his bare bottom with a swoosh. She repeats this over and over until she feels satisfied. This peeping Tom will be a reformed man after his meeting with Miss Austin!




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