Mistress Eleise – Office Sex Toy

Office Sex Toy

Featuring Miss Miranda, Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Featuring Miss Miranda, Mistress Eleise de Lacy. The candidate these two female executives are looking for must be exceptional. He doesn’t have to be a good at filing, but oral skills and the ability to get hard are essential.

Office Sex Toy

YOU MAY ONLY WATCH A OR B WITHIN A 24HR PERIOD “Well, I have a fun game for us to play today, you are such a lucky boy being subjected to my devious mind. I know it's such a long time since I allowed you to empty those balls, they are looking so full and desperate and you cock is hard as soon as you hear the rattling of the chastity key and the clicking of my stilettos. So, let's get started, keep looking at my beautiful body as I make you edge yourself over and over. I might treat you with my bare breasts or bare bottom, I haven't decided yet. So, follow my commands, will today be the day I let you cum or will you be denied? Let's find out shall we - let the game begin!” Suggested Watching Position: Kneeling, (If possible wearing a chastity device, with the key ready)

When John is woken from his sleep by two beautiful strangers, dragged into the his lounge and interrogated about his relationship with his wife, he knows it is going to be a very unusual day! They explain to him that they have been hired by his long suffering wife, who has finally had enough of his lazy, selfish ways and has secretly gone away on holiday with her new lover. The husband is shocked and incredulous but after some more torment from the strict ladies, he realises his life will never be the same again, especially when they both put on their massive strapon dicks, ready to ruin and break him.

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