Human Cushion

Featuring Mistress Yuliya Kate

Mistress Yulia Kate reflects on some interesting literature whilst using her inanimate object slave as a seat cushion. He proves to be a comfortable seat for his Mistress, and can only lie in silence with the addictive scent of his Mistress who is sitting spread over his face.

The beautiful, empowered Mistresses Sidonia and Suzanna are enjoying an afternoon in the Mansion grounds and waiting for their tea, which is eventually served by maid Popette, dressed in her pretty satin sissy dress. Mistress Sidonia examines the outfit, showing off the petticoats and stockings before they decide to give her a firm cropping for spilling the tea into the saucer. Miss Suzanna then smokes a cigarette using maid as her ashtray and spittoon as she is verbally chastised and her nipples tormented. Poor Popette is then placed into tight bondage , her ass filled by the fucking machine as her engorged clitty is rubbed and she is treated to a view of Mistress Sidonia's special medicine, which excites the maid so much she is soon emptying her cummies out.

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