Paul is a journalist sent to interview a Dominatrix called Amanda at her dungeon for a TV documentary. He is a bit arrogant and a chauvinist pig, but appears strangely nervous in front of Miss Akroyd. He arrives with his camera-woman and Amanda begins to explain exactly how she conducts her unusual job. Dressed in shiny black PVC, brandishing a dragon cane Paul is intrigued and forgets to take notes! Miss Akroyd can sense he is taking liberties and decides he would get a far better idea of her job if he were to participate! She starts his education by asking him to remove his trousers and bend over her knee for a spanking. This progresses into a slippering! She shows him various implements and how she uses them on her clients. Then starts to thwack him on his bare bottom with the plimsoll.

The camera woman tells Amanda Paul is a chauvinist in the office and asks her to get him back for this behaviour. Amanda is only too happy to oblige. He pulls down his trousers as instructed. Amanda takes the wooden handled leather strap and gives him a thorough strapping. She whacks his bare, red bottom harder than before and Paul is finally quiet with fear. Lastly comes the cane. The camera woman wants to hear him squeal and Amanda doesn’t need much egging on!

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