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Strict English Corporal Punishment

Welcome to the world of Corporal Punishment, where naughty boys are spanked HARD! Domestic Discipline for those who appreciate variety and love good old fashioned British bare bottom spanking and caning of men by strict women disciplinarians.

The Punishment Club

Private Punishment

Poor old Sergeant Jones…. Miss Akroyd has caught him abusing the Privates and Lance Corporals in his care. This isn’t the first time she has caught him mistreating his rank; and something must be done! The threats of relieving Sergeant Jones of his duties after many years terrify the man; and he begs for an alternative punishment. Three guesses what that punishment may be? Sergeant Jones can’t keep his smart mouth shut, despite Miss Akroyd’s warnings, spankings, warnings and more spankings. It looks like the small brown strap on the bare bottom is in order. Miss Akroyd still isn’t satisfied, however; and thinks that to really drive the message home, Sergeant Jones ought to be punished in the same way that he disciplined his Privates – over the vaulting horse in the gym! Miss Akroyd finds Sergeant Jones waiting for her in the gym, sitting on his backside as usual. It’s about time he learned to respect women; and the men who have been in his care up until now. Miss Akroyd gives him a verbal dressing down with her sharp tongue; then bends Jones over the horse for a thorough slippering with a white plimsoll.

Private punishment on the bare bottom

Private punishment on the bare bottom

Strict Miss

Trick or Treat

Last Halloween a gang of local boys were very, very rude to me. I’m a very private person, I have a cat and I wear long tight black dresses. They called me a witch and the ringleader threw an egg at my window. I was extremely cross, I can tell you. So this year I set a trap. I bought fake cobwebs, a witches hat and thick-handled broomstick and I borrowed a vintage riding crop. When Peter arrived, trick or treating at my door, he had no idea what was in store for him. He was putty in my hands. I can be VERY authoritarian and before he knew what hit him he was bare-bottomed and bent over. THEN I hit him with the crop. MY, how he flinched as I tanned his arse. The thick handle of the broom was just the thing to blister his bottom as I thrashed him unmercifully. Now THAT was a witches spell! But did Peter get a trick or did he get a treat? You decide…

Caned on the bare on Halloween the witching hour

The English Governess strict English corporal punishment

How to Succeed in a Man’s World

Roy had his annual appraisal and I had nothing good to say. He was going to be disciplined. No warnings, I’d rather SPANK. It was that or lose his job. Shoes and trousers off and over my knee. I really laid into him with the hairbrush. He was really struggling to take it, wincing and gasping with each blow, but I wanted this to be a much more severe punishment. Bent over, I took a slipper to his bare, red bottom. Slipping off my tight, knee length high heeled boots to get a better swing, I was making him gasp with every stroke and getting harder every time. I had a hidden camera, I told him, for blackmail. We still had plenty of time so I picked out my oak paddle and used it brutally. I really don’t know my own strength. Then I told him he wouldn’t have a job unless he accepted a thrashing with my dragon cane. I selected my favourite, my most painful crook-handled cane. He was going to get 12 strokes of my rod. Nasty implement, the cane. Especially in my hands when I’m seriously displeased. He knew I had a camera running and I suggested we made a movie. “How to Succeed in a Man’s World.” He wasn’t very amused.

I had given Roy his annual appraisal and had nothing good to say. He was going to be disciplined. No warnings, I'd rather SPANK. It was that or lose his job

Strict Miss

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