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The Punishment Horse

Riviera Takes His Punishment

In his gym kit, Riviera reports to the PE teacher as instructed. His spray painting antics previously had warranted some punishment by Miss Hastings, but clearly it hadn’t been enough and further punishment was needed. Sitting on the vaulting horse, the teacher recounts other wrongdoings and takes great delight in making him squirm at the thought of further pain to come. Now it was time for some “exercise”. Bent over the mini horse, his bottom and thighs are strapped hard. After all, if he can vandalise, then so she can vandalise his body! And this is just the start.Now sat on the horse and told not to move, his thighs are slapped really hard. Riviera winces in pain. Next, his hands are strapped, one by one. And to finish off, he is told to hold on tight to the wall ropes as she straps him once again with such force that he will think twice before performing any more hooliganism…

Adam the Exam Cheat

St. Teresa’s School for Boys

Adam the Exam Cheat

Miss Teresa May catches Adam, her most trusted and star pupil rummaging on her desk looking for the answers to the questions in the forthcoming exam.  A humiliating over the knee spanking and a severe bare bottom caning is called for.

St. Teresa’s School For Boys

The Dirty Peeper

Martin Sellers has been caught in the girl’s toilet and has been sent to the headmistress. He says that the bigger boys pushed him in there to get him in trouble but this isn’t the first time he has been caught spying on the girls as they do their business. Perhaps thirty-six severe strokes of the cane will deter him from doing it again!

The Punishment Club