St Teresa’s School For Boys 

The Headmistress Study Full Version


The Dirty Peeper Part One

Martin Sellers has been caught in the girl’s toilet and has been send to the headmistress. He say’s that the bigger boys pushed him in there to get him in trouble but this isn’t the first time he has been caught spying on the girls as they do their business. Perhaps thirty-six severe strokes of the cane will deter him from doing it again!

The Bullies Part Two (A)

Brown and Turner have been reported for bullying the younger boys. First to be punished is Turner who blamed Brown for daring him to bully the younger boys Turner is made to strip naked as a further humiliation and is punished with a severe strapping and caning on his bare bottom and thighs. To add to his suffering he receives a hard strapping across both hands with a wicked twin tailed tawse.

The Bullies Part Two (B)

Much to Miss Teresa’s annoyance a very disheveled Brown enters her study. Not only is he going to be punished for bullying he will also receive extra for being so untidy and not wearing school uniform, and added to that for being in possession of a catapult which is forbidden. Thinking he is clever Brown has stuffed some naughty magazines inside his trousers to lesson the punishment. Big mistake as he receives a severe punishment with strap, paddle, cane and a carpet beater for his effort.

Return of the Dirty Peeper Part Three

Much to Miss Teresa’s disgust Martin Sellers hasn’t learnt his lesson as he’s been caught in the girl’s toilets again. This time he receives a severe caning and a dose of the vicious carpet beater.

Adam the Exam Cheat  Part Four

Miss Teresa catches Adam, her most trusted and star pupil rummaging on her desk looking for the answers to the questions in the forthcoming exam. `a humiliating over the knee spanking is called for.