If you like your Corporal Punishment hard, then you are definitely at the right place. From one on one to full classroom sessions, all overseen by Britain’s strictest disciplinarian, Miss Hardcastle-Hastings, we are a club of dedicated real enthusiasts and we’d like you to become a part of it.

Make no mistake; whether it’s naughty boys or silly girls, they all get treated equally, strictly and mercilessly. Discipline is the cornerstone of the club’s foundations and any misdemeanours are swiftly and brutally dealt with. Even the school matron dishes out the sternest of treatments and there are always plenty of others to help lend a hand in keeping everyone on the straight and narrow.

Produced with passion, the video clips here merely reflect everyday events and are often shot from multiple angles giving you, dear viewer, the best views of the punishment meted out, whether by hand or with the use of pain inducing implements such as the slipper, shoe, cane, tawse, strap, paddle and more… all in a no-nonsense style.

Brown was in a spot of bother. The accumulation of his actions in recent weeks has meant it was finally time for some punishment in the hope of getting him back on the straight and narrow. Usually bright, well turned out and polite, he had, for some unknown reason, started to rebel. Perhaps it was his hormones, but whatever the reason he showed no remorse for his actions and needed to be held to account for the rest of the school to see. The head did show some leniency however. Instead of just letting go, she would be controlled in her lashings. First up a hand spanking, followed by the slipper. The ulktimate deterrent would be a dozen red marks across his buttocks from the cane. Will he now get in line? Higgins was summoned to the office for a dressing down. He apparantly thought it was non-uniform day, despite the rest of the school turning up in regular school attire. He even had the cheek to suggest the whole school was wrong and he was right. And to cap it all, he wasn't even dressed smartly...a bag of rags more like. Well, she would soon put that notion to bed and a good spanking will ensure he gets the message. Over her knee he goes for a good dose of the hand before the trousers come down for another hard session. Feeling that the message wasn't getting through it was time for him to bend over for a long hard caning session...The scene starts with Alisha spanking Atkinson relentlessly on his bare backside. The foolish boy had been caught trying to pinch Alisha's knickers while she was having a shower. For what reason is anyone's guess, but such behaviour isn't tolerated here at Westgate School and retribution is deemed appropriate. Pausing to ask if he has had enough, Miss tells Alisha to carry on. Now with his buttocks red, Miss asserts that such despicable behaviour is a caning offence and Alisha is invited to cane him hard both on his shorts and on the bare. Atkinson pleads for leniency, seeing as the festive period is nearing, but the Head is having none of it and Atkinson must suffer, much to Alisha's delight ! Black is once more in trouble. He has been spanked by Miss Mountbatten, the sexy young school teacher, then brought to the Head’s study to be presented to her. Once in front of Miss Hastings, who is clearly tired of his pathetic behaviour and ridiculous excuses, he is dressed down, scolded before being spanked over Miss Hastings’ knee while she is perched on the high chair. He is then slippered harshly followed by a vicious strapping. With a sigh of relief at the ordeal ending, as Black drags his feet, he is told that it was only over for now, he was to come back later for a caning ! Tewitt ambles into Miss Hastings study in his usual dishevilled fashion. He sneaks a satisfying look at Miss Hastings’ thighs, whilst she sits upon her desk lecturing him. She bends him over her desk and canes him. Being the slouch that he is he has non conventional underwear on, so to right that wrong, she whips his pants down and canes him hard on the bare. Next in is the tall athletic Higgins. A school desk is pulled into the middle and his long figure is folded over it once his trousers and pants are down. She gives his bottom some attention, then summons Alex Evans in. Alex is put over Miss Hastings desk and her pretty bottom with skimpy pants is spanked hard. Enjoying himself whilst still bent over the school desk, Higgins’ bubble is burst when he is told to bend over Evans and then receives a no nonsense caning before being told to smarten up alongside Evans Get out! Alex has persuaded her new boyfriend to finish work early and come to her house as she has plans for a sexy afternoon. Thinking her Mother would be away for some time, they were just about to get down to business when her Mother walks in and catches them. To make matters worse, Mother has a splitting headache. She berates them both and this behaviour cannot go unpunished. Alex is dragged over her knee and can see Alex has even put on some sexy lacy knickers, no doubt just for the occasion. Having been soundly spanked until bright red, the boyfriend is also given the same treatment before they are both made to bend over the sofa for a long hard strapping. Alex now knows why she doesn't like to bring her boyfriends home to meet her! After school at the party, it seems Slater had drawn the short straw, or had he .... Everyone was in hugh spirits especially Miss Hastings who for a change had imbibed in a drop of the falling-down stuff. Deciding that Evans would benefit from a demonstration of her caning technique if she was to succeed in being a good prefect or even a headgirl. Evans had the intelligence, she just needed some focus and who knows, if she could use her inner meanness she may even become a teacher. Slater was told he was a ‘volunteer’ and instructed to lift himself onto the boxhorse and lay face down on it. While Cowell watched the proceedings like a circling vulture, Miss Hastings demonstrated her caning skills overarm and young Evans did a pretty impressive effort. Lucky or not Slater?Gold was a very bright boy but recently he had become distracted and mostly the cause of that lack of interest in his studies was down to his fervent interest in Alex Evans. For the 3rd week running he had failed in his maths test getting pathetic scores that made even Evans herself look intelligent. He was sent to Miss Hastings who was clearly annoyed that she wasn’t getting the results the fee paying parents expected. There was to be no let up for the lad. After having his shorts taken he is spanked enthusiastically before being hairbrushed, whacked hard several times with a nicely carved antique butter pat before being bent over for the size 11 black jimsoll plimsoll. Red cheeks all round for Goldie. Riviera is the football captain. He has been keeping the entertainment going by his heroic efforts in goal while nincompoops of every kind tried to fire a goal past him at the after school party. Miss Hastings is disappointed that Westgate has no silverware this year apart from the Morris dancing trophy won by Gazza, Alex and Goldie. She calls Riviera in and asks him the reason for the team’s failure suggesting perhaps Evans and Cowell were in the forefront of his mind. She has his training pants pulled down and gives him a proper good hiding before dismissing him. Mrs. Black is having a reasonable day until that goat of a husband strolls in to spoil it. He shuffled around looking awkward and she senses all is not well. “It’s like this” he begins, “you know that order we put in for bricks for the patio? Well somehow a couple of noughts got added to the order ....” he trailed off pathetically. Even worse, he didn’t realise his mistake, until he’d watched the load delivered and dumped. Mrs. Black was almost apoplectic with fury. She leaps up from her seat and bends him over the dining room table undoing his trousers after pulling off his belt. She drags his underwear down and spanks his skinny bottom with as much effort as she can muster then breathing heavily with the effort proceeds to give him a hearty dose of the belt before sending him outside to begin the arduous task of shovelling up the bricks.At an afterschool get together people were in high spirits... well most of them. Of course there were exceptions. Evans had been treated to a little authority to see if that would help mend her sometime wayward ways. She had never liked Black who hadn’t shown any interest in her slinky body and decided to get even. After reporting his idle efforts to Miss, she was invited to assist in his disciplining. Wearing her most ingratiating expression and forging a look of sincerity she explained her disappointment in Black and after dragging his trousers down made a huge effort with the strap she took from the desk. Black had hardly drawn breath before Miss Hastings stood up and walked round menacingly hiding something behind her back. Poor Black, this did not bode well! He was shoved over and Miss raised her hand to reveal a nasty hard rubber strap. Mercy? There wasn’t a drop in sight! Peter was late home from school and pretended he’d just been looking for a different way home but Aunt Judy had heard that he’d been seen up Wood Street and Queen Street knocking on doors and running away. It reflected badly on his Aunt, letting him run around making a show of himself and embarrassing her. Sloppy discipline, she said. “Not sloppy with the slipper, Aunty” he replied. She demanded he toe the line 100% and he’d get a bottom so sore, so very, very sore. Stretched over the dining table she tanned him with 2 wooden kitchen spoons then she went and got the carpet beater and made sure there was no dust in his shorts so brutally did she beat his backside. After a coffee he took another six and what a six they were. He then had to beat all the rugs. Lady Havergill ensured that her husband did housework. She had gone shopping and had told him to do the ironing. Bored out of his mind he put the iron down on a silk shirt while he took another beer from the fridge. The shirt was scorched and ruined. He had just hidden it when she returned. She knew something was wrong by his shifty behaviour then saw the beer. That was bad enough but then she saw the arm of the burnt shirt hanging out of the cupboard and was very upset to find it was an expensive silk shirt she had bought him. There were and tears and she threw him over the ironing board. Taking a strap from a drawer she laid it on hard then gave him a few with a wooden spatula. He tried to be witty but only got a spanking.Mrs. Black was going to relax with her favourite choccies and a book about a wanton model. Life was looking good apart from one thing - her useless husband Roy. She’d given him a list of chores hoping to keep him out of her hair. She summoned him to get her a cup of tea. What an utter twerp, he returned with tepid liquid splashing around in the cup. Mrs. Black howled out her annoyance at being interrupted from her chomping and literature extravaganza. After giving him a dressing down about his many short comings, she threw him over her knee and began to spank him with trousers pulled down to his knees. Feeling she’d not room to swing, she unceremoniously shoved him off her knee into the floor. She got up, pulled a dining chair away from the table sat herself down before yanking his trousers right down to his ankles and thrashed him mercilessly. Feeling tired after expending all that energy, she gave him more jobs then settled back town to indulge her hobbies. Two of the staff had made very poor sales. They were summoned to the Boss’s office where their dismal efforts were laid out before them. Both attempted to excuse the embarrassing figures saying that maybe the goods weren’t what people wanted. The Boss was having none of it; she’d come up through the ranks and knew how to sell... simply show the goods to their best useful advantage. A Ruler? Measure items or rap someone’s hands with it. Table tennis bat? Play ping pong or beat someone’s buttocks. Bath brush? Scrub your back or whack bottom cheeks. Gym slipper? Well you could wear it or make an imprint on a bare bottom. Board pointer? Point and demonstrate answers or wield like a cane. The Boss had all the answers and demonstrated them on the two failures in front of her. Walter had been sent from Italy with a long list of misdemeanours which needed to be addressed. Miss Hastings swore his bottom would be black and blue by the time she had finished with him. To add to his humiliation she photographed each part of his punishment to send back to his carer as evidence of his suffering. Walter struggled his way through a blistering spanking before being made to stand in disgrace. Next out was a good dose of the paddle and strap whilst he wailed and cried for mercy. Ignoring his pleas she continued to whip him hard. The Following Morning Walter had to report for the second part of his punishment which involved another full force onslaught of various implements including Miss Hastings Sjambok, prison strap and martinet. There was nothing she wasn't going to give this rambling reprobate. In true Hastings style she finished the punishment with a merciless caning before sending him packing back to Italy...

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