I’ll Make You Lose Weight

Slater has been sent to see Miss with a note about his weight problem. Out come the scales and the problem is clear to see. This boy definitely needs to take his exercises seriously. In just his undergarments, he is told to stand in the corner with hands on head while she decides what to do with him. While she’s out he looks over at his clothes and decides to put them on. After all, he has taken his verbal admonishment.

With clothes on, he goes back to standing with hands on head. In walks Miss, who looks at him in astonishment. “Are we now performing magic tricks?” she says. She certainly hadn’t given her permission for him to dress. With hands out, they are strapped, before the real punishment begins. Made to undress again and touch his toes Miss belts him with a plimsoll followed by the dreaded cricket bat and Miss made sure he felt every single stroke….