Smothered by Mistress Serena

Featuring Mistress Serena. Mistress Serena verbally humiliates her slave, teasing him as to why he doesn’t have a girlfriend and never will. She tells him how useless the pathetic piece of mincemeat is between his legs, how crap he is at boot worship and how he will never get to lap his tongue over herContinue reading Smothered by Mistress Serena

Ball Busting Mistress Heather Divine

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather. So here is the story, indeed a true tale of how a slave applicant wrote to Mistress Heather wanting to become a specialist ball bustee. Ball busting as many of you know is one of her most favourite activities and to welcome a new candidate to her slave stable was notContinue reading Ball Busting Mistress Heather Divine