Category: FETISH

My Human Pet

Mistress Johanna enjoys tormenting her human pets and this one gets a good lesson in obedience! Learning to follow and sniff your Mistress’s ass, does not mean you’re allowed to touch! A short sharp reprimand with the whip in hand is needed, but just to ensure the human doggy doesn’t scamper off, he is strapped to the whipping cross.

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Filthy Fucker Feeding

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather, Goddess Tangent. The slave has been begging for his feed and begging for foot worship, so it seems only right that they combine the two for him. He only gets fed from the soles and heels of their shoes and if that means crushing his food beneath their feet first, then so be it. It’s all the food he’s going to get and he is told in no uncertain terms that the heels of his Mistress’s shoes must be sparkling clean afterwards.