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Foot Lust

Mistress Serena accepts an audience with a slave, but the slave must show their passion and aptitude for serving, or they will be unceremoniously kicked from her presence! This slave has an opportunity to excel in shoe and foot worship and taking full weight high-heeled trampling. He’s tested and pushed hard to his limits, but whether Mistress Serena will ultimately allow him to serve her again, is another question all together.

These are free images from Femme Fatale Films, featuring foot worship performed by Mistress Serena

Mistress Serena encompasses all that is ‘Femme-Fatale’, stunningly beautiful, with a wickedly cruel, sharp mind to extract every ounce of devotion and subservience from your will. Mistress Serena lives and breathes the lifestyle and the scenes you will find exclusively here at FemmeFataleFilms show just how devastatingly addictive this lady really is for mankind.

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Foot Worship Toe Sucking
Huge Strapon Gangbang

The Agony And The Ecstasy

Mistress Serena collared his cock with a spiked ring

Featuring Mistress Serena. Mistress Serena at her most sensuous yet sadistic best! She toys with her victim strapped to the bondage bench, teasing and tormenting him, smothering his face with her perfect posterior, but only after she’s collared his cock with a spiked ring. Each time he throbs in lustful excitement, the agony gets ever more extreme. She uses him as her ashtray, blows smoke in his face and sensuously spits into his mouth to wash down her ash.

Finally the prosthetic pussy comes out, humiliating enough, but when she pours his own cum down his throat the realisation hits… He is her toy, to use, abuse and humiliate however she wants and whenever she likes.

This is a free video and images from Femme Fatale Films, featuring a CBT and milking scene performed by Mistress Serena.

She toys with her victim strapped to the bondage bench, teasing and tormenting him


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