Category: Corporal Punishment

The Boss’s Pet

Miss Zoe has had enough of her boss’s arrogance, so she decides to take control of the situation. A little blackmail can go a long way. Her ex-boss has some private humiliation to endure if he wants to avoid it in public. She knows he’s been fiddling the accounts and uses this information to get exactly what she wants from him. Starting with the humiliating task of him kissing and worshipping her high heeled shoes and feet, that is after she’s made him strip naked in front of her. She smacks his ass whilst his nose is embedded deep in one of her sweaty shoes. Then she commands him to worship the ground she walks on. To complete the humiliation a spanking with one of her shoes and a good hard thrashing with his very own belt.


Gimp Caning

Gimp Caning

This slave’s slack attitude gets him in serious trouble. Mistress Akella loses her temper and teaches him a painful and very real lesson on the spot. Extreme caning to the point where she actually breaks a cane in the process of beating him!


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