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Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Mistress Eleise as you may have gathered from her substantial oeuvre, is a passionate practitioner of the art of female dominance. Outside this she is also a lover of culture, wilful dilettante, adventuress, pleasure seeker, occasional bitch, and all-round good time. She is, indeed, the film-noir femme fatale brought to life: sadistic, sensual, dangerous, and feminine to a degree that would qualify as exotic in modern society. Mistress Eleise seeks collaboration with a very few exceptional persons who desire to transcend themselves, to experience extremes of awareness, and escape within her floating world.

Mistress gives her thieving sissy maid a spanking

Mistress Eleise de Lacy Punishes her Slaves

Mistress Eleise de LacyMistress Eleise de Lacy

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