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Sovereignty Supremo

Goddess Miss Kelly is now appearing in the Femme Fatale film New Toy, where she indulges in the activities she is so famous for: foot fetishism, humiliation, and corporal punishment. 

Miss Kelly isn’t afraid to say it: she always gets what she wants. It’s her way or the M25! In this case, Miss Kelly has decided to wring some extra suffering out of her slave. An inveterate foot fetishist, he simply crumbles when forced to inhale the hypnotic scent of Miss Kelly’s goddess feet. Before he knows it, he has agreed to be trampled, thrashed with the crop, lashed with the strap, and battered with a heavy wooden hairbrush. Why? Because Miss Kelly said so!

The Hunteress – Oh My Goddess

“Oh, my Goddess!”  These are the words that fell from the slave’s lips as the Hunteress whipped him mercilessly. He cried it over and over, as if it were a divine mantra that would carry him to enlightenment as the Goddess mortified his flesh.

The Hunteress’ cruelty is glorious, yet it is the devotion she inspires with it that really moves me.  The photos above will give you a sense of the various scenes recorded during her visit, but you must see the films to experience the unique bond between Mistress and slave that was expressed so beautifully. 


Divine Mistress Heather and the Correction Academy

Quite simply, there are too many slaves out there who do not have the proper attitude. They require evaluation and education, and at the Correction Academy we provide just that.

In this first training session, Mistress Heather imposes the sort of uncompromising expertise that an errant slave requires; her masterful use of the carrot-and-stick method is a joy to behold. In the sneak peek below you can see how Mistress Heather uses the slave’s weakness for her beautiful shoes and stockinged feet to control him and make him accept that a slave must put his Mistress’ pleasure first, even when it means enduring his most hated form of treatment.


It Is No Good Whimpering!

It Is No Good Whimpering !

When Aunty found Nephew Alan’s spanking magazines she belted his hands to discourage self-abuse and he had to throw the disgusting material in the fire. “You’re lucky you don’t get the buckle end of the belt” she told him, put him over her knee and spanked the living daylights out of him. “It’s no good whimpering” she rebuked unsympathetically, the school said you wouldn’t have Matron’s medical inspection.” Undignified, he thought. “I’ll show you undignified” she snapped and paddled and belted his bottom red and fiery. Bottom up she slashed the wooden handled strap across his backside. You can tell it hurt. She was enjoying this. After the carpet beater, paddle and tawse he asked her forgiveness and she agreed if he took six very hard with the tawse. His pained noises got louder with each crack, then they hugged and made up.

Precious Pretence

Janitor Pretends To Be Teacher

Bored, the janitor wanders aimlessly around the school. Walking into a room he spots the Headmistress’ robes and a cane, no doubt used on some unruly pupil earlier. Realising no one is about he decides to try the robe on for himself and playfully swishes the cane, enjoying the noise it made. Unknowingly, he had caught the Headmistress’ eye as she walked past and she now stared at his antics through the door window. Bursting in, she admonished him and told him to remove the robe. Did he understand how hard she had to work for that? Unlike that lazy bugger! He knew what was coming and simply dropped his trousers. Now bent over, he received a brutal unexpected hand spanking on his bare bottom and then got a thrashing with his own belt. Having finished she summoned him to her office. He feared there was more to come…

Mistress Eleise New Canings

The infamous Mistress Eleise, London Dominatrix, jet-set Femme Fatale and former resident Domina of The English Mansion

Mistress Eleise de Lacy is in a playful mood and wants to test her slaves’ limits with a good hard caning. One slave has a virgin arse, the other a little more seasoned. A cry for mercy means a cock gag in the mouth and that’s where the third slave comes in.

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Tracey’s Revenge

Tracey’s Revenge

It’s time for Tracey to visit her Therapist again. Last time he tried Spanking Therapy and this time he plans to use the cane. No way! Tracey turns the tables and tells the Therapist exactly how this session is going to be. He argues but she takes no notice and starts laughing maniacally. She tells him he shouldn’t argue with a mental patient! Tracey does exactly what the Therapist did last week and puts him over her knee for a hard hand spanking. Tracey is just LOVING this power reversal and shows no mercy. This goes on for a whole five minutes and is relentless.

Eventually Tracey decides she fancies a change and bends her Therapist over the desk, just like he did with her, and spanks him hard and fast again until his bottom has a rosy hue. She threatens to tell all about his unique way of ‘supporting’ his clients. Tracey grabs the cane which was laying on the desk, just begging to be used. Tracey has never used a cane before but doesn’t seem to have any trouble when she starts! The Therapist screams out and yells, but guess how that affects Tracey? She smiles a sexy and sadistic smile as she rains the strokes down on this already red behind. Her inner Domme is unleashed and she loves it! Revenge is sweet, isn’t it, Tracey?

I’ll Make You Lose Weight

I’ll Make You Lose Weight

Slater has been sent to see Miss with a note about his weight problem. Out come the scales and the problem is clear to see. This boy definitely needs to take his exercises seriously. In just his undergarments, he is told to stand in the corner with hands on head while she decides what to do with him. While she’s out he looks over at his clothes and decides to put them on. After all, he has taken his verbal admonishment.

With clothes on, he goes back to standing with hands on head. In walks Miss, who looks at him in astonishment. “Are we now performing magic tricks?” she says. She certainly hadn’t given her permission for him to dress. With hands out, they are strapped, before the real punishment begins. Made to undress again and touch his toes Miss belts him with a plimsoll followed by the dreaded cricket bat and Miss made sure he felt every single stroke….

Bedroom Punishment

Punished in the Bedroom

Our beautiful but strict ladies know just how to deal with naughty boys. Cross the line with them, talk back or be disrespectful and there’s only one place you’re going, over the knee! Hairbrushes, paddles, straps, belts and canes, nothing is out of the question when it comes to dishing out old-fashioned well-deserved domestic discipline.

Strict British Women spanking in domestic settings!

Mistress Eleise – Maid to Learn Her Lesson

Maid to Learn Her Lesson

with Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Mistress Eleise’s sissy maid just never seems to learn; however, there are several harsh ways of making her comply, which Mistress Eleise has no choice but to adopt including a hard bare bottom otk spanking with a drilled wooden paddle.

A Spankingly Good Birthday Present

A Spankingly Good Birthday Present

Mr Black is at home enjoying a lazy day. It is his birthday today and, under normal circumstances, being caught doing nothing would incur his wife’s wrath and earn him some form of punishment. But today is different. Mrs Black arrives home looking rather sheepish. She asks him how his day has gone then admits she hasn’t bought him a present. After all, what to you get a man who has everything?

Asking what he would like, she was thinking a nice meal perhaps, he blurted out that he would actually enjoy an otk spanking, since that was what he would normally get for lounging around. This takes her by surprise! But is happy to oblige, as any dutiful housewife would. After discussing how he would like it, she starts out with a slow warm up, then pulls up a chair, gets comfortable, then spanks his bare bottom for what seems like hours. They both walk away thoroughly satisfied


Fuck The Failure

Fuck The Failure

with Governess Elizabeth

When a Mistress lends her slave out to a friend, the slave’s behaviour, good or bad, is a reflection of the lending Mistress. This slave has been a total failure in almost every department, forgetting almost all that he had learnt under Governess Elizabeth’s expert wing. His pathetic excuse… that he doesn’t want to serve any other Mistress, is just not good enough. Further training, further punishment and yet more anal stretching and fucking is in order for this very sorry failure of a slave.

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