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Alexa Gets Spanking Instructions From Mom

The Punishment Club

Alexa Gets Spanking Instructions From Mom

Adult star Alexa Nova was interesting in spanking her real life BF Tristan. So Clare Fonda decided to play her mom, who teaches her daughter Alexa to spank her BF when he acts out of line. First Clare puts him over her knee for a painful lesson the passes the brush to Alexa to take her turn.



Sissy Spanked Alfresco

Sissy Spanked Alfresco

Beautiful blonde Mistress in heels takes her sissy slave to the garden for a well deserved bare bottom spanking and crushes his cock with her high heels before making him worship them.

St. Teresa’s School For Boys

The Dirty Peeper

Martin Sellers has been caught in the girl’s toilet and has been send to the headmistress. He say’s that the bigger boys pushed him in there to get him in trouble but this isn’t the first time he has been caught spying on the girls as they do their business. Perhaps thirty-six severe strokes of the cane will deter him from doing it again!



The Punishment Club

Adam the Exam Cheat

St. Teresa’s School for Boys

Adam the Exam Cheat

Miss Teresa May catches Adam, her most trusted and star pupil rummaging on her desk looking for the answers to the questions in the forthcoming exam.  A humiliating over the knee spanking and a severe bare bottom caning is called for.


St. Teresa’s School For Boys

The Dirty Peeper

Martin Sellers has been caught in the girl’s toilet and has been send to the headmistress. He say’s that the bigger boys pushed him in there to get him in trouble but this isn’t the first time he has been caught spying on the girls as they do their business. Perhaps thirty-six severe strokes of the cane will deter him from doing it again!

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The Punishment Club

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Bottom and Penis Spanking

The Punishment Club

Bottom and Penis Spanking

After discovering that her slutty boyfriend Bart, has been doing chores for other ladies around the neighborhood, Aleana punishes that scallywag severely, thoroughly belaboring Bart’s bottom with her strong bare hand. Mistress Aleana makes her boyfriend ache for her favors, but denies him everything but a vigorous cock slapping, an enthusiastic face slapping and of course, a good, hard corporal punishment session.


Spanked by Aunt Nikki Rouge

The Punishment ClubSpanked by Aunt Nikki Rouge

Nikki gives her nephew Lloyd a treat by bringing him to Vegas during the Shadow Lane party weekend and supplying him with a generous allowance with which to have fun on his own, while she busies herself with her scene friends. But the very first night he blows all of his funds on strippers, then comes dragging his sorry ass back to the hotel, expecting Nikki to refill his pockets with cash. Moreover, during the subsequent interrogation, his furious aunt discovers that Lloyd has also rifled her purse for additional monies! This will not stand, but Lloyd will do nothing else for the rest of the week, when Nikki gets done lambasting his plump, juicy bottom with every spanking tool she has in reach.

Lloyd is spanked, strapped and paddled until he makes truly awful noises and turns every shade of red and rose, under the relentless rain of blows visited down upon his naughty backside by his outraged aunt. This Southern boy learns a lesson he will never forget from his sophisticated aunt Nikki in Southern Discomfort.



Mike’s Humiliating Spanking

The Punishment ClubMike’s Humiliating Spanking

Mike’s training continues when he is made to strip and assume the position over Nikki’s padded leather spanking bench. Nikki is eager to initiate her newest toys on her newest boy toy, and lets him feel the good of her multi-stick canes across his upturned bottom. The tall, leggy former dancer, with her strong, graceful body and powerful will, takes the greatest pleasure in wholly dominating her new playmate. For his part, Mike is a properly behaved submissive boy, accepting everything she bestows upon him, with humility and gratitude.

Mike’s punishment position places him on all fours, kneeling on the padded bench that holds all of Nikki’s toys. Clad in a retro girdle and brassiere combination in sheer pink and lace nylon, trimmed with black ribbons and set off to magnificence by the redhead’s ultra high black fetish pumps and sheer black, seamed stockings, Miss Rouge gives Mike a stinging taste of the Twisted Sister carpet beater bamboo cane on his bare bottom.


Nikki’s Toy Boy

The Punishment Club

Nikki’s Toy Boy

Snow gives her best friend Nikki Rouge the keys to her place for the summer, along with the use of her new houseboy, Mike. Naturally, he disappoints his new mistress for a variety of reasons, and of course, is promptly punished, in a variety of ways. Dressed in a perfect, 1950’s style outfit, Nikki takes the small, handsome man over her skirted lap, very quickly pulls down his jeans and shorts and begins lambasting his bare backside with her very effective hand.


Spanking Bench Discipline

Spanking Bench Discipline

Aleana has more than beauty, she possesses poise, grace, the gift of eloquence and lingerie from Agent Provocateur. She expresses her natural dominance verbally, physically and psychologically. And she’s sexy as hell through it all. Whether slapping him silly, making him spit shine her shoes, or respectfully kiss her bottom, Aleana is seductively severe. She displays many lovely dominant traits, along with mad verbal skills and deft corporal punishment techniques.


Mistress Samantha’s Corrective Measures

Feature Length Fem Dom Video

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