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Belittled In The Bar

Belittled In The Bar – FemmeFataleFilms

Featuring Rebekka Raynor. It’s a brave yet stupid man who threatens Rebekka Raynor, as this fool soon finds to his peril. Threatening to tell the manager about her smoking in the bar, he unleashes upon himself her sharp tongue. Unleashing her keen ability to humiliate hapless males in public. Forcing him to his knees she puts the gusset of her pantyhose right over his face, asking him if he feels more manly now! Blowing smoke from the cigarette he hates so much, right into his face, drops her ash on his tongue and then makes him swallow her butt. She does however give him some lubrication to help it go down, in the form of her spit. Getting him to strip naked she digs her heels into his pathetic body, giving him a good hard belting. Trampling all over his body in her sharp heeled knee boots before the barman gets to worship her boots, she makes him sniff, lick and suck her sweaty feet.

Dressing Down The Chauvinist Season Two

Dressing Down The Chauvinist Season Two – FemmeFataleFilms

The male chauvinist ex-boss really doesn’t seem to be learning his lesson, so Miss Eleise de Lacy has no choice but to continue with his corrective and painful treatment. She has taken his job and now she’s going to strip him of any dignity he may have had left