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Boxed In

Mistress Fox

Mistress Fox’s slave has been securely held in a bondage head box all day, a day during which she filmed a number of sessions and got extremely hot and sweaty in her sexy latex and spike heeled shoes. When she finally got around to giving her boxed slave some attention, her feet were exceptionally wet, sweaty and pungent! She makes him kiss, lick and suck her perfect, yet potent feet and with his head held in position in the bondage box, he could do nothing but exercise his tongue in the places she specifically desired

These are free images from Femme Fatale Films, featuring foot worship and toe sucking performed by Mistress Fox

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Arse Kisser

Mistress Michaela has her black arse kissed
Mistress Michaela didn’t want to let a little bit of roasting hot weather to stop her slave’s arse worship and kissing training, nor her sexual pleasure, so she decided to get really hot and sweaty out in the midday sun and then get her hapless slave to kiss, lick and sniff her hot and sweaty ass, then suck and sniff her sweat laden and intensely aromatic feet!

These are free images from Femme Fatale Films, featuring arse kissing and foot worship performed by Mistress Michaela

Black Mistress Michaela has her feet and arse kissed and worshipped


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