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Take It For Me

Take It For Me – FemmeFataleFilms

Featuring Mistress Johanna. Being slave to Mistress Johanna is an extremely special honour and to maintain that most privileged position of servitude, a slave must endure whatever form of treatment she may decide to dish out! This session sees Mistress Johanna using a plethora of testing treatments on her slave, including using him as a human ashtray, a boot polisher, a trample carpet, a spittoon, his balls for ballbusting, kicking and face slapping as well as a good lump of slave meat to thrash.


Human Ashtray

Cruel humiliation with two wonderful goddesses. Lady Faye and Mistress Chloe relaxing on a leather couch both looking gorgeous in their white blouses and leather boots. Using him as a human ashtray their mounting ash slowly filled the slave’s open mouth.

Both ladies continue abusing him, using him as a human ashtray and by spitting into his mouth. Finally the cruel sadistic bitches stub out their cigarettes on his nipples enjoying his screams as the his tender flesh burns.

The Punishment Club where naughty grown up boys and girls get spanked strapped and caned on their bare bottom by strict no nonsense women