A Maid’s Tale Pt1


Mistress Sidonia was in the middle of her monthly inspection of her sissy maid’s work. She had been expecting the sissy to do a better job than what was presented to her. That being said, Mistress Sidonia had no choice but to punish her sissy maid for her lack of effort.

She grabbed a set ropes and proceeded to tie the sissy maid to a chair. She wanted to make sure that the sissy was unable to move, so she tied the ropes tightly around her wrists and ankles. The sissy maid knew what was coming next and started to tremble in fear.

Mistress Sidonia then took out a paddle and a cane and proceeded to spank and cane the sissy maid’s bare bottom. With each blow, the sissy maid yelped in pain. Mistress Sidonia was relentless in her punishment, and the sissy maid could do nothing but take it.

Once Mistress Sidonia was done, she untied the sissy maid from the chair saying that this was a lesson learned. She warned the sissy maid that if they did not do a better job next time, there would be more punishment in store. The sissy maid nodded in agreement, knowing that thy had to do a better job next time or else.

These are free pictures from The English Mansion, featuring a sissy training scene performed by Mistress Sidonia

Bossed Around

The office disciplinarian is quite amused to find that her latest appointment is wearing lacy red panties under his trousers. Dainty as they are, she’ll be pulling his feminine undergarments down before she administers correction. Spanking his bare bottom hard with her hand and paddle.

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