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Trust Me and Show Me

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Trust Me and Show Me

Featuring Miss Zoe. It’s quite simple really… all you have to do is follow her instructions. She will take you where she wants to go with this, so get ready to show her what you’ve got, show her your cock and she’ll tell you what to do with it. She’ll tease you with her sexy long legs, stockings, suspenders and high heels. You’ll rub that cock of yours, but ultimately, you know the pleasure will be all hers as that’s the way this relationship will always work for you slave. You just have to trust her and trust that she knows what’s best for you.


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Caning Day

Featuring Mistress Lady Renee. It takes a lot to impress Mistress Lady Renee when it comes to slave conduct, but this slave gained a huge amount of admiration from both me and Mistress Lady Renee when she gave him a near cold and exceptionally brutal caning. She started him off with a few strokes of the crop, needless to say they were not gently wielded, before moving on to a full blown beating with the cane. A must see session for fans of the cane!

Trick or Treat

Last Halloween a gang of local boys were very, very rude to me. I’m a very private person, I have a cat and I wear long tight black dresses. They called me a witch and the ringleader threw an egg at my window. I was extremely cross, I can tell you. So this year I set a trap. I bought fake cobwebs, a witches hat and thick-handled broomstick and I borrowed a vintage riding crop. When Peter arrived, trick or treating at my door, he had no idea what was in store for him. He was putty in my hands. I can be VERY authoritarian and before he knew what hit him he was bare-bottomed and bent over. THEN I hit him with the crop. MY, how he flinched as I tanned his arse. The thick handle of the broom was just the thing to blister his bottom as I thrashed him unmercifully. Now THAT was a witches spell! But did Peter get a trick or did he get a treat? You decide…

Caned on the bare on Halloween the witching hour

The English Governess strict English corporal punishment

Dungeon Whipping and Caning


Mistress gives her naked slave a good hard caning, whipping and paddling on his bare arse and as a finale to teh punishment straps his balls

CBT Torture at FemmefataleFilms

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