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Bossed Around

The office disciplinarian is quite amused to find that her latest appointment is wearing lacy red panties under his trousers. Dainty as they are, she’ll be pulling his feminine undergarments down before she administers correction. Spanking his bare bottom hard with her hand and paddle.


Divine Mistress Heather and the Correction Academy

Quite simply, there are too many slaves out there who do not have the proper attitude. They require evaluation and education, and at the Correction Academy we provide just that.

In this first training session, Mistress Heather imposes the sort of uncompromising expertise that an errant slave requires; her masterful use of the carrot-and-stick method is a joy to behold. In the sneak peek below you can see how Mistress Heather uses the slave’s weakness for her beautiful shoes and stockinged feet to control him and make him accept that a slave must put his Mistress’ pleasure first, even when it means enduring his most hated form of treatment.