Paul is asleep in his chair at home. Miss Brook and he are married and they share their equestrian business as well as the stable duties. Miss Brook is furious because Paul had forgotten to book the Farrier and she had been waiting up at the stables for the horses to be shod. Paul doesn’t seem too concerned at all. He thinks that his wife treats him like one of their ‘normal’ employees and tells her as much. Miss Brook isn’t having any of his backchat and briskly throws Paul over her knee, giving him a good, hard spanking. His protestations do no good – she is absolutely fuming!

The crop may do some good, she suspects. Standing in her tight jodphurs, she brandishes the crop like an expert rider… and an expert Domme! Miss Brook flicks the crop hard across Paul’s bottom until he gets the message. I don’t think he’ll be forgetting to phone anyone from now on!

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