Category: Face Sitting

Not Good Enough

The male employee has attempted to rise above his station. Mistress Eleise de Lacy and Miss Miranda feel it’s time he was put back in his place; in fact, it’s time he was given his marching orders – but not before a few home truths are stamped on him.

Heaven Scent

Heaven Scent

Featuring Mistress Serena

An incredible session with our stunning Femme Fatale Mistress Serena. The slave is used for his Mistress’s entertainment as she toys with his most sensitive parts, starting with his nipples, before electrifying his cock and balls, all the while sat firmly over his face. The more she teases and torments, the more desperate he is to worship. She decides to let him worship her perfect bottom, but the orgasm this quickly induces, means there is a significant price for him to pay.

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