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Plugged Into A Fucking Machine


Princess Aurora straps her slave down on a BDSM machine then uses electric shock treatment and a vibrator to milk him dry. When his balls are empty of cum she uses a fucking machine on his tight anal hole to arouse him again knowing that as he has orgasmed many times having his slutty hole machine fucked will be unbearable.

This are free pictures from The English Mansion, featuring a milking and fucking machine scene performed by Princess Aurora

Slave Milking

There is little I like more than having my slave immobilised in cling film, with his most sensitive parts exposed and vulnerable to my wicked torments. I decide to allow him some relief, but his orgasm will only come at a price… an ordeal that includes me smothering him with my ass and pussy, whilst I tease and torment his cock, balls and nipples. Squirming beneath me, I derive a great deal of pleasure from his discomfort with his head rubbing against my cunt and when he can no longer hold back his load, I make sure it goes straight into my cupped hand… a perfect ready meal for my mummified slave.

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