The Stalker – FemmeFataleFilms

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather. I decided to ensnare a man whilst on a weekend away, so I slipped on a pair of high heeled leather knee boots, along with figure hugging tight leather shorts and ventured out in the vicinity of my apartment. It wasn’t long before I had attracted a suitable stalker type! After luring him back to my apartment, he was easily overcome, both physically and mentally. I figured it was only right that he should lick the filth of the streets off the heel and the soles of my boots, worship them and then suck the sweat from between my toes. He needed some CBT attention and a good verbal dressing down to fully humiliate him further. Physically and mentally broken down, exactly how I like my slaves!

boot and heel worship and needed some CBT attentionboot and heel worship and needed some CBT attention