Mistress R’eal’s Dirty Little Secret

Featuring Mistress R’eal. You know what you are… you’re not a real man, you were born to be a sissy, to serve a dominant woman like Mistress R’eal! There are times when she’ll dress you in frilly outfits and make you look all sweet and pretty, but there are other times where you will be her cock sucking fucking whore. You need the training and your transformation will be begin when she starts to remove the male testosterone from your body. You don’t need that anymore, all you need to do is listen and obey.

St. Teresa’s School For Boys

The Dirty Peeper

Martin Sellers has been caught in the girl’s toilet and has been send to the headmistress. He say’s that the bigger boys pushed him in there to get him in trouble but this isn’t the first time he has been caught spying on the girls as they do their business. Perhaps thirty-six severe strokes of the cane will deter him from doing it again!