Letting down Divine Mistress Heather in any way is bad enough, but embarrassing her in public necessitates an extra special level of punishment, one which this slave had never received before… so trussed up in a straight jacket, with his legs spread and held aloft, she gave him an experience of a lifetime. After a thorough verbal dressing down, she inflicted numerous cane strokes on his testicles and feet. With a particularly high pain threshold, it was always a challenge to make the slave truly suffer, but on hearing his screams of agony, it was finally music to her ears.

This is a free video and pictures from Femme Fatale Films, featuring a ball caning scene performed by Divine Mistress Heather

Divine Mistress Heather inflicted numerous hard cane strokes on his testicles and feet, his screams of agony was music to her ears

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