Tag: Clamps

Escort’s Revenge

This guy gets something a little different to what he ‘ordered’. He’s been calling an escort agency for some time and treating the ladies with little respect. When they send Mistress Akella along to get their revenge, it’s not long before he realises who the superior sex truly are and just to drive the message home very clearly, Mistress Akella leaves her mark on his forehead before leaving him tied on the bed..

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Nipple Reward

Slave’s nipples have little worth other than to provide entertainment for Mistresses. This slave hates nipple torment, but he loves stockings… so to view her stockings up close and to have the opportunity of actually worshiping them, he must endure huge amounts of suffering on his nipples. Her sharp heels digging into them. Her long nails pinching and twisting them. Vicious clamps tugging on them until they are almost ripped from his body!


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