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Mummification – FemmeFataleFilms

Wrapped in cling film with his cock and balls exposed and vulnerable to Mistress Eleise cruel torment. With a heavy load of pegs clipped to his cock and balls and a generous helping of hot wax his moaning can only be suppressed by her sitting firmly on his face.

The infamous Mistress Eleise de Lacy.  London Dominatrix, jet-set Femme Fatale and former resident Domina of The English Mansion and FemmeFataleFilms. 

Hot Candle Wax CBT

Male genitals tied and tortured hard with hot burning candle wax by Mistress Amalieve who enjoys inflicting pain and suffering to her slaves

Hot Candle Wax CBT Burning Cock Torture

Hot Candle Wax CBT Burning Cock Torture

The English Governess strict English corporal punishment


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