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Sarah Spanks Men

Sarah Spanks Men: Sarah can be a nasty lady and can be your dominant nemesis, an experienced disciplinarian, spanker and wielder of the cane, your boss lady or Mistress, whatever you desire. See her amazing films of male discipline and punishment now.

Nigel’s Severe Strapping

Nigel’s Severe Strapping. Nigel was supposed to be escorting Sarah Stern to the theater, she had carefully chosen her dress and was looking forward to the evening out. Nigel however wanted to slob around in his tee shirt watching a ball game on TV with a beer in his hand. No Way! Sarah certainly gave him just what for, the leather strap on his hands for starters and then after having him remove his trousers and underpants a severe strapping on his bare bottom.

A bare bottom strapping for Nigel

Sarah Spanks Men

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