The Cruel Wardens

These two wardens are really cruel bitches. As Faye and Cloe enter the cellar, deep down in an old bunker, they are dressed in skin tight trousers, too wide opened blouses and high heels. They know exactly about the effect of their style.

There is a strong slave imprisoned in the small cage but even he was whipped all the days before he can’t hide his erection. That’s exactly what the conniving ladies had in mind. “What’s that? An erection without permission?”, Faye asks but they don’t expect an answer. They have already canes in their leather gloved hands.

The prisoner is ordered to leave the cage. His hands behind is head he has to spread his legs and present his dick to the cruel women. What follows is a real cruel caning of his cock and inner thighs. He screams a lot but that is music in the mean warden’s ears. Again and again they hit directly his dick and they don’t stop until he is totally exhausted.