Category: Spitting

Slave in Waiting

Slave in Waiting – FemmeFataleFilms

When the guy turned up for a job interview, he could never have imagined the elite position he was really being interviewed for! He thought he was applying to be a waiter, but Lady Mephista was working from a very different agenda… She decided he may be useful as a new slave object for her and so began his training. Firstly he was made to wear a hood, to become a faceless being for her. Then she roped him up to ensure absolute compliance. Testing for his suitability included heavy face slapping, spitting, foot and shoe worship… his new life and a more meaningful existence had begun…

Slave For Spit

Slave For Spit – FemmeFataleFilms

Nothing more than an object to slap and spit at… that is what these two cruel Dommes decide their slave is good for. They rub their gloved hands all over his face, then slap him repeatedly and spit at him and in his mouth. Combined with verbal lashings, the slave is left degraded and humiliated, sore and dripping with spit/

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