Mistress Real Sissy Maid Training

Mistress R’eal is well renowned for her expert sissy maid training, which also means she is highly adept at disciplining errant maids who derelict their duties. Sissy slut Nina has not been doing her chores to Mistress’s exacting standards. The punishment she fears the worst is exactly what she gets. A good hard hand spanking followed by the paddle then the birch and finally the cane. She will learn her lesson the hard way.

St. Teresa’s School For Boys

The Dirty Peeper

Martin Sellers has been caught in the girl’s toilet and has been send to the headmistress. He say’s that the bigger boys pushed him in there to get him in trouble but this isn’t the first time he has been caught spying on the girls as they do their business. Perhaps thirty-six severe strokes of the cane will deter him from doing it again!