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The Confession

The prisoner’s confession has not been forthcoming, so it’s time for Mistress Vixen to get really vicious with the cane

These are free images from Femme Fatale Films, featuring corporal punishment and hard caning performed by Mistress Vixen

Mistress Vixen is nature’s cruel trick upon men. Petite and pretty, behind those bewitching blue eyes lies the dark imagination of an experienced torturer and female supremacist. Approach on your knees, or she will bring you to them.

Specialities: Extreme BDSM, smoking and trampling.

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Cruel Confinement

The slave has been condemned cruel confinement and to wearing a chastity device for what seems like an eternity, however Mistress Vixen gives him the glimmer of hope that he might be released if he can take fifty strokes of the cane. He has little choice but to accept the cruel conditional release and so the ordeal begins… but not with the cane at first. The first weapon of Mistress Vixen’s choice is the heavy flogger, followed by a viciously wielded single tail whip, paddle, crop and then finally the cane! The slave gets an extreme beating long before the cane is adopted and in true sadistic fashion, it’s clear that Mistress Vixen loves every moment of his suffering.

Cruel Confinement Whipping CaningA viciously wielded single tail whip, paddle, crop and then finally the cane!

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