Tag: Chastity

Chastity Milking

Mistress Akella has granted one of her chastity slaves a release from his cock cage. There are certain conditions associated with his temporary freedom… If he is permitted to cum, he must be firmly face-sat by Mistress Akella’s leather clad and perfectly formed ass. He must also have his balls crushed, with the intensity of the testicular clamp increased as he gets closer to orgasm. Plus he must consume his own ejaculate, mixed with a healthy dose of his Mistress’s saliva.



Milked Dry

The slave has had his cock locked in spiked chastity for several days and is desperate for release.. So desperate in fact that he is made to cum into his own face. Though not before being teased and tormented by the incredible Hunteress, in her sumptuously soft leather and boots.