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The Bukkake Box Boy

The Bukkake Box Boy Featuring Mistress Sidonia and Strapon Jane

Mistress Sidonia and Strapon Jane

A troublesome prisoner is put in a straight-jacket and then suspended so the two Dom wardens can freely fuck his mouth and arse, and then give him a dose of CP. Now, it’s time for his real punishment. They have been collecting spunk from the prisoners but want a fresh sample. They bring in another prisoner to wank himself off so they can collect his sperm sample. Now armed with masses of cum and goo they set about feeding and covering the troublesome prisoner. Humiliating him and laughing throughout. Yes he’s going to get the full bukkake treatment

This website is an expression of true female dominance, through the many Mistress of The English Mansion

Female domination takes on a plethora of individual styles and activities, at the expert hands of the world’s most talented Dominatrices and it is that untethered variety which I will always seek to reflect through FemmeFataleFilms.net

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Prostate Milking

Mistress Eleise’s order of the day is effective prostate stimulation. The patient is examined, probed, and then made to milk himself before consuming his bodily fluids.

The infamous Mistress Eleise de Lacy. London Dominatrix, jet-set Femme Fatale and former resident Domina of The English Mansion and FemmeFataleFilms.

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