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Over My Knee

Over the knee spankings

The Hunteress prefers that her slaves work unsupervised, but with this useless specimen some harsh lessons to be drummed in. Over the knee spankings humiliate him into submission, before hair-brushing and hand tawsing are delivered to make the most lasting impression on her domestic slave. The house will no doubt be spotless after this

These are free images from Femme Fatale Films, featuring spanking and strapping performed by The Hunteress

Over the knee spankings


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Stress Test

This slave was new to The Hunteress, so she decided to put him through a stress test, involving a variety of implements, although all of which it is fair to say were harsh and heavy! Of course when it came to the actual punishment, The Hunteress never sacrifices accuracy for strike power, but it was rather unfortunate for the slave that her accurate strokes were thunderously hard, following through with most of the implements to give her victim a real taste of agonising caning pain! CP fans; you do not want to miss this session!

These are free images from Femme Fatale Films, featuring a caning scene performed by The Hunteress

Caned by the hunteress

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