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Sovereignty Supremo

Goddess Miss Kelly is now appearing in the Femme Fatale film New Toy, where she indulges in the activities she is so famous for: foot fetishism, humiliation, and corporal punishment. 

Miss Kelly isn’t afraid to say it: she always gets what she wants. It’s her way or the M25! In this case, Miss Kelly has decided to wring some extra suffering out of her slave. An inveterate foot fetishist, he simply crumbles when forced to inhale the hypnotic scent of Miss Kelly’s goddess feet. Before he knows it, he has agreed to be trampled, thrashed with the crop, lashed with the strap, and battered with a heavy wooden hairbrush. Why? Because Miss Kelly said so!

Training Her Sissy


Training Her Sissy

Featuring Mistress Lorraine

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